September 22, 2015

10 things I want to do this fall

A friend recently asked me if I worked full time Monday to Friday. The answer to that is yes. The funny thing here is that the question had a tone of doubt and confusion. He’s a relatively close friend of mine and I’m sure I had mentioned to him before that I have a full time job. I later found out that the reason he was asking was because he was impressed at how much stuff I manage to do on my free time.

The short explanation would be organization. The longer one is that I’m obsessed with not wasting time and I LOVE having to do lists and a busy agenda.  This “skill” (?) has also helped me focus in the present and don’t stress about the past or future (you know, the key to happiness ;) ). Sure, when I’m writing my to-do lists and organizing my agenda I’m thinking about the future. But that planning only takes like 30 minutes of my week and I actually enjoy doing it…it’s like mixing dreaming with reality! Plus, once the planned moments arrive I just have to let myself go and enjoy them. I actually get stressed when I don’t plan…so much anxiety from not knowing what I’ll be doing next!

Having said all this, here’s my autumn bucket list for this year, in no particular order:

-Make a weaving piece
-Dress up for Halloween
-Go on (at least) 3 hiking trips to see the fall colors
-Celebrate 4 years with le boyfriend
-Make a fall capsule wardrobe
-Take a bubble bath
-Host (or attend) a friendsgiving party
-Make a photo album
-Bake some bread
-Try a pumpkin spice latte 

I’ll try to share a report in a few months to let you know how it went.

Happy Autumn!