August 30, 2015

Hello again, blog!

It's no secret that the blog has been very much abandoned for the past 3-4 months. I still cook (literally every day of mi life), eat healthy, exercise and love taking pictures and writing about nutrition. The thing is, there is more than that in my life. 

A few months ago I decided to make Kitchin-it a nutrition-focused blog because I thought people would rather see healthy recipes and nutrition advice than getting a peak into my life. However, I enjoy sharing more than just nutrition stuff. Writing and taking pictures is how I process my life experiences. Plus, I ADORE the idea of having a place where I can come back in the future and see what my life was like at different stages. 

At some point I was going to get a separate blog for that…but then I thought why would I want to hide myself from Kitchin-it readers? When in fact, doing the opposite can help me and others connect in a better way. I think it’s good that I show you that there’s a real person behind all this…a person that has both great and terrible days but who can still lead a healthy lifestyle. 

So, welcome to the 'new' Kitchin-it, a corner of the internet where real life blends with healthy living!