May 25, 2015

Owning a Café for a Day!

On May 16th, le boyfriend and I participated in a worldwide event called Restaurant Day. The idea behind it is that people can set up a café, bar or restaurant in a corner of their city and sell their goods. You also have to register your location on a map so that people (potential customers) can find you.

We decided to sell treats and drinks, and in general, we really enjoyed the experience. Here are my thoughts:

-85% of our clients were friends. Most people in Montreal were selling their goods in another area of the city and this affected our “business”. Most customers decided to go to there instead of where we were. If we were to do it again, we would change our location.
-The days before Restaurant Day were as exciting as the actual day. The food tasting, the recipe development, creating the menu and getting business cards was A LOT of fun.
-We sold chocolate chips cookies, chocolate cake with homemade Nutella frosting, chocolate chia pudding and strawberry muffins. That’s also the order of how much people liked them (from most liked to least), but everyone loved everything!

Sometimes I dream of owning an authentic coffee shop in which I’d sell healthy treats and drinks. On Restaurant Day we practiced and really enjoyed it. Now all we need is a bunch of $$ to invest on a real one, hopefully next to the beach with pineapples and bikes as decoration ;)


  1. HAHAHA! I loved the muffins!! - Kate