June 16, 2014

Runny Mondays Week 5!

-Distance: 3km and 4km
-Time: around 20 minutes for the 3km and 21 minutes for the 4km
-How: run the entire distance!
-Where: near my house
-What I ate: 
 *pre-run: I had some of this tart as a snack and run about 2 hours after eating it. On saturday I had my usual breakfast and went running about 3 hours after eating it. 
 *post-run: lots of water! About 40 minutes post run I had lunch one day and on another day I had these amazing apple "cookies".

I’m glad I got to run 1 more km this week. I’m slowly increasing the distance and it feels great so far!

The awesome discovery this week was a free app called Strava which I highly recommend! It calculates the distance you run, your pace, your time, among other things and then you can save your run and look back at it whenever you want. 

Something I love about it is that instead of comparing yourself to other runners you can compare each run with yourself. I think it’s super important that when it comes to training we do it for ourselves! You can try to run faster or further than you did last time. There’s a saying in spanish that says “the mountaintop is not reached by overcoming other people but by overcoming yourself” (I just translated that and doesn't sound as good as it does in spanish, but you get the idea). This also applies to life in general; we often think we’re suppose to be doing better than our friends or someone we know, when really the competition should be with ourselves.

Have an amazing, active, healthy and happy week!