June 09, 2014

Runny Mondays Week 4!

The last couple of weeks I was feeling I could do more than 3km with the 2 minute run and 1 minute walk. So, on monday I wanted a bigger challenge to test my limits. I went with le boyfriend to a small island next to Montreal (Ile Sainte Helene) and we run from there back to Montreal (to the Old Port).  The total distance was about 5.5km and I told myself I would run until I really needed to take a walking break. That’s exactly what I did and I feel happy to inform you that I run almost 3km without walking or stopping! :) 

At first we ran about 1km with a few interruptions because we either got lost or wanted to take a few pictures. When we finally found our way we headed towards the bridge that connects the 2 islands and run about 2.8km non-stop! 

The view from that segment was amazing! We could see the entire city of Montreal and it was sunset-hour so the sky colours were beautiful as well. I don’t know if it was the view or that the training is really working, but I felt awesome! After that part we had about 1.5km left to get to the metro station that would take us back home, so for that remaining bit we walked 500m and then run the last km. That was it! I’m really happy I did this run and even happier to know that I’m slowly getting there. It’s comforting to know that after 3 weeks of “soft” training I’m already able to run 3km without stopping. 

Apart from that run on Monday, I only ran one more day that week. My goal is actually 3 times per week, but life happens and there’s no need to panic if you can’t follow your plan to the letter. In my case, at least I got to bike about 20km on Sunday. 

I also wanted to add that this past week I started some french classes so I’m no longer running after breakfast but in the afternoons or evenings. This means that my meals will now be different to what I said in previous posts and I think it’s great to show you more healthy options.

What I ate:
*Pre-run: about 2 hours pre-run I had a piece of a whole grain nectarine pie and a scoop of frozen yogurt on the long-run day. The second time I had eggplant lasagna for lunch and went running about 2.5 hours after eating it. 
*Post-run: about 45 minutes after the long run I ate a whole grain sandwich with light mozzarella and turkey. The second time I ate a green smoothie like this one.

Until next week!

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