December 13, 2013

Healthy Shrimp Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

When you’re a university student, at least in Montreal, December isn't exactly what people expect from that month. It should be about Christmas trees, decorations, presents and lots of parties with yummy food. All these awesome things only come to us students after the 20ish of the month. Before that, we are full of exams and papers to hand in. If you thought midterms were stressing, try finals!

But let’s not be so negative. At least I get to eat a chocolate a day thanks to my advent calendar. I can also avoid the minus 18◦C weather by staying inside with my books. Oh, and volleyball. We had the last game of the season yesterday and we finished in 3rd place! No but seriously, is it weird that the most exciting part of these days is when I need a break and go cook what I’ll have for lunch? I promise I’ll write happier posts as soon as these days are over.

I’m actually super excited to go to Venezuela in a little more than a week. I’ll see my family and friends, hug the best dog on earth, eat the best sushi in the world and go to beautiful beaches. I’m supper happy to escape this freezing weather! I’m planning on reading a book, work on some ideas I have for the blog next year and just relax. These thoughts are what’s keeping me going through these dark days. Yes, I’m kind of a drama queen.

Also, its super irritating that “brown” food is not photogenic. Maybe I need to learn more photography stuff, but meanwhile, you’ll have to trust me when I say it was super yummy, no matter what the picture shows! Plus, it’s super healthy filled with protein, fiber and nutrients.

Serves 4, ready in 20 minutes

-450g fresh shrimps (I removed the tails)
-450g frozen Thai vegetables (make sure that the ingredients only contain vegetables and no salt or other additives)
-1 tablespoon olive oil
-¼ cup chopped peanuts
-1 teaspoon ketchup
-1 tablespoon honey
-1 tablespoon raspberry vinegar (or balsamic vinegar)
-2 tablespoon peanut butter (I used made from 100% peanuts)
-1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce

-In a small bowl whisk the ketchup, honey, vinegar, peanut butter and soy sauce. Set aside.
-In a wok (or large frying pan), heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add frozen vegetables and cook until tender. Add the sauce made in step 1 and the shrimps. Cook for a 5-7 minutes.
-Serve over brown rice or whole grain noodles. Sprinkle peanuts and enjoy!

Adapted from Eat Well, Lose Weight, by Better Homes and Gardens


  1. Your Recipes For Stir Fry is very unique compared for those blogs. I'm so excited to try this one because it looks delicious. Anyway, I hope when I visit again your blog there will be a new recipes update. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks for the nice words! I usually update the blog once a week. I hope you find something else you like :)