September 03, 2013

5 healthy-snack ideas!

Guess who’s back to stressful times? Yeah, that would be me. I have to admit that I’m always a bit excited to start classes. It’s a great opportunity to try new things and there’s always doubts about what you’re going to learn, who’s gonna be your professor and how you’re gonna do in terms of grades. Of course, that excitement starts to fade away as soon as I’m in exams period or about to explode from papers to hand in. But it’s ok; everyone says these are the good old days.

During vacations, I’m not a snaking person. I just go straight for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We always hear about how good it is to have 5 small meals a day and that snaking is a great way to cushion the hunger between meals. In my opinion, it is totally true. As soon as I’m back to classes, snacks are my best friends. They are like cute little foods that are fun to make, are yummy and definitely help in calming the hunger between meals. In today’s post I want to share 5 healthy snacks ideas that I love. If you’re in high school, college, university or working, any of these can be a healthy alternative to chips, cookies or sugar-high beverages that don’t bring us many healthy benefits.

Meet your future best friends below:

1. 1 small apple with a dip

For the dip, mix ¼ cup low 0% Greek yogurt with 1 tsp peanut butter, 1 tsp honey and a splash of cinnamon.

2. 1 hard-boiled egg, 2 tsp hummus and veggies (such as carrots, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, or mushrooms)

 3. 1 nuts and dark chocolate granola bar.

4. 1 small banana with 2 tsp low fat peanut butter

5. 1 fruit and a small piece of light cheese

For the fruit, you can have 1 peach, nectarine, apple, kiwi, pear, orange, etc. 

Inspired by Self magazine, pg 93-101, April 2011.


  1. Se ven deliciosos, especialmente los relacionados con mantequilla de mani....mmmmmm