August 03, 2013

Fruit Popsicles!

I’m sooo excited to finally be able to share the first video for the blog! It was really fun to make and it’s an area that has definitely gotten my attention. The direction, production, effects, editing and almost everything was done by my friend Elisa who’s a student in audiovisual communications. We met in our school about 9 years ago and she’s been one of my very best friends since then. And guess why you have to be so happy about her being my friend? I owe her big; she’s the one who suggested me to open THIS blog! 

Since summer began, I’ve been seeing popsicles everywhere. They are the coolest and happiest summer food in the world. Of course, that meant I had to try doing my own. After getting inspired by seeing pictures around Pinterest, I decided to do a Pineapple-Orange-Banana flavor. You can make popsicles of almost any flavor you want, you just have to substitute the fruit and make your favorite flavor.

For about 10 popsicles

-2 cups chopped pineapple
-3 ripe bananas
-2 oranges
-2-3 tablespoons sugar
-About 2 cups of water


-Chop the fruits
-Put them in a blender and add the sugar and water. Blend.
-Add more water if needed to reach your desired thickness.
-Pour mixture in popsicle molds.
-Refrigerate overnight.
-Rinse the molds with warm and remove popsicles.