July 01, 2013

Back from Riviera Maya

So yeah, I’m back in Montreal. The city received us with a cloudy sky and a bit of rain. When did I come up with the great idea of leaving paradise?

In today’s post I will not be sharing any recipes (buuuh!) but I’ll share some of the best pictures from our trip and tell you a bit about it.

When we arrived, our excitement was unhidedable…if that word even exists. The hotel was gorgeous. It was rustic and colonial, but a bit fancy at the same time. The food was all buffet, with the exception of 3 nights in which we went to 3 different restaurants to have dinner. Overall, I would give the food a score of 8/10.

It’s funny how we spent about 4-5 hours every day playing beach volleyball. At first I was scared that we were going to return to Montreal and be like “well…the only thing we did was play volley”. 

But it was incredibly fun and addictive and we did a bunch of other stuff as well. Let’s say…for example…swim with SEA TURTLES!!! 

I think that was my very favorite part of the entire trip. They are so calm and happy and pretty. I want one (or maybe 2) as pets. Just kidding, I loved seeing them in their natural habit and I was very glad to see that people over there protect them a lot. We weren’t even allowed to wear sunscreen since it contaminates the water.

On the same day we visited the Cenotes. Their water is freezing since the sun doesn’t hit those waters, but they were beautiful and totally worth the “This is $%&# cold!!!!” moment.   

Another of my favorite activities: Catamaran sailing. It was so much fun! Victor did all the hard work managing the sail and stuff while I took pictures, relaxed and enjoyed the sun and the sea. I even decided I’m getting a Catamaran when I’m older. But then I remembered I live in Canada…guess I’ll have to move to a warm beach some day.  

On the day before we left we went to visit Tulum. It was also amazing. We had a great guide who explained a bit about the history of the ruins and then we had about an hour of “free” time to see the beautiful beach and bathe in it. 

Everything was perfect until I was having a lot of fun doing some underwater yoga (or whatever that was) and I got water in my ear. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get it out and even went to see the doctor. But that’s all I did…literally just see him because as soon as he said the fee was 100$ just to see my ear and get the water out, I ran away. I ended up calling my dad like a 5 year old kid and he helped me get the water out.  

 That’s it for now. I’ll be back with a recipe later this week when I’m in Venezuela!