June 11, 2013

3 homemade Jams!

Jams? Totally love them! I would be lying if I say I try hundreds of different breakfasts every single day...because I don’t! I usually have whole grain toast with low fat PB and jam. 
Jams don’t contain the same quantity of vitamins that their fruits do (if any!), but they are a great way to add some sweet and a little fiber to your meal. The jams that we buy at the supermarket are FULL of sugars...and even some homemade jam recipes suggest adding huge amounts of it. I added less than half of what recipes usually suggest and it still tasted delicious. Plus, there are no weird additives and the texture was great.

You don’t have to do the 3 jams at the same time, but I’m posting their recipe together.

For 2-3 jars about 300 ml each, 35 minutes.


Strawberry-kiwi jam:
-4 cups strawberries
-7 kiwis
-1 ½ cups sugar

Apricot-orange jam:
-8 apricots
-2 oranges
-1 cup sugar

Raspberry-peach jam:
-2 cups raspberries
-6 peaches
-1 ½ cups sugar

The following preparation is for each separate jam:

1. Cut the fruits. If you like your jam thick, crush the fruits. If you like having the fruits suspended in the jam, cut them in small pieces.
2. Add them in a big saucepan with the sugar and mix well.
3. Heat the mixture over low-heat until the sugar dissolves.
4. Increase to medium-high and stir constantly. It will start to boil.
5. Keep cooking for about 15 minutes. Remove any foam.
6. Add the jams into the jars and let it cool at room temperature.
7. Refrigerate them and enjoy!