May 18, 2013

Sunny day, biking day!

 In my opinion, there are 3 different types of health:

-Nutritional health: good eating habits
-Physical health: exercise and physical activity
-Mental health: emotions and controlling stress (this last one is a tough one for me!)

When the 3 are combined together, you get a better quality of life and you feel happy. You’ll probably see me talking more about the last two “types of health”. They are not topics that I get taught in details in my university courses, but life has shown me their importance in the last few years.

Today we had a beautiful, sunny and warm day in Montreal. So, I went biking with my boyfriend! You will slowly start to see how much I love biking; it’s my favorite sport in the entire world! I love that you can go to so many places with it, you can go fast or slow and you can do it with other people. You can also plan a route, enjoy different views and it’s a great exercise! It really makes me happy.

Here are some pictures of my afternoon, enjoy them :)

 Random pink bike

A weird guy :)

Old Port of Montreal

My bike

A cool graffiti wall we found on our way 

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