May 31, 2013

3 myths and truths!

In the world of nutrition and health, you always hear rumors. With a little research and from what I've learned so far in uni, I’ll clarify 3 myths we hear a lot related to nutrition. 

(Picture credits: my bf Victor!)

1. Myth: organic foods are healthier and safer than non-organic foods.

Truth: if you are making healthy choices when it comes to your diet, it does not matter if the food is organic or not. It’s important to know that they both undergo many steps of regulation before reaching the consumer. It’s a personal choice, but there’s no need to fear!

2. Myth: Consuming wine will increase the absorption of minerals by the body.

Truth: even though wine can increase the absorption of certain minerals (such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc), the alcohol it contains can also promote the body to excrete them. So at the end there’s no real benefit!

3. Myth: you need to take vitamin and mineral supplements to be healthy.

Truth: if you follow a healthy diet, there’s no need for supplements. Exceptions do exist when it comes to suffering from certain diseases or when you reach an advanced age and sometimes during pregnancy. Otherwise, you’re good to go if you follow a healthy meal plan!

Understanding nutrition, Whitney and Rolfes.


  1. Raquel, me encanta tu blog y lo sigo cada día más, sigue así!!!!

    Un besote desde España! :)

    1. Gracias Andrea!:) Me alegra mucho escucharlo!!!

  2. 1 is not a myth. Organic foods contain fewer toxic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, irradiation, etc. This actually does make them healthier and safer. There are even detectable differences in the amount of nutrition, particularly for GMOs which are disallowed under USDA standards.

    1. (Correction) under USDA organic* standards.

    2. Hey there!
      There’s lots of debate going on regarding that subject. That specific myth/truth is based on an article published by the Dietitians of Canada on their website. They are one of the largest organizations of dietetic professionals in the world, so it’s a trustable site. I put the link in the post, but here you can check it out